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I think with me, I was about 12 when my parents said...time to act your age. You can't wrestle your brothers. (But I was still allowed to play street football (touch football, not tackle! American football, that is. Not REAL Football! I mean REAL Football, not Soccer! Oh no! However I say it I will be in trouble!) Anyway, back to the subject of wrestling, it looks like I didn't listen very well to my parents! I was periodically pulled back in to wrestling one way or another. I think I will be wrestling to my grave! And probably beyond that...

I've tried to understand WHY I love to wrestle so much. What always pulled me back to it? I think it is the "childhood" thing. I like feeling like a kid. I find it fun and I find it funny too. It makes me laugh. I love to control my opponents. It definitely comes from my childhood when I'd pin one brother with my arms, holding him down down in a cross body position, and catch my other brother in a scissor hold and I'd watch them squirm to try to get away from me and they couldn't. We would giggle like crazy. It was fun. Nobody got hurt. I liked the role reversal of the woman being superior, even then!!! I don't wrestle people that I don't like. If I do have a session with someone and it doesn't feel fun and I don't enjoy it, I won't wrestle them again.

Competitive wrestling with women is different. I can't say that I really enjoy it when I'm in the moment. It's brutal. It's so tough and it really hurts. And egos are involved. It's a horrible feeling when you have the will but your body is so exhausted that it feels like giving up and it's exhilarating when you are winning. I love the training, preparing for a tough match or a live event and I love the feeling after, especially when I win!!! Sometimes I have lost and although I don't like losing, I always admire a woman who has the strength, skill and endurance to beat me. I can always learn from others and I can learn from my defeats. And I certainly try to learn from my mistakes! Not only in wrestling.
You can read lots about my wrestling career in the interviews and articles that you will find in NEWS and REVIEWS on this site. And feel free to send me questions by e-mail and I will respond.

So a little more about me...

Blonde (naturally! Blondes have more fun, right?), Blue eyes, 5'6" 115 lbs. Size 34C -24- 35. Size 2 or small. Shoe 6 and a half medium. Don't ask my age. I am younger every day and with every experience, wiser and younger. I will never discuss my age and I don't care about anyone else's. I have friends from 8 years old(my niece) to 77, one of my best friends who is a great artist in NYC. And once you guys hit puberty, there isn't much difference. You guys are all 16!!!! Hee Hee!
Private Sessions........
I do competitive (not when I'm travelling), semi-competitive, domination, role play fantasy sessions. You can see everything I offer as you travel through my websites.
I have made so many videos for my companies and other companies that I have completely lost count. Probably 750 or more...

I have no favourite colour. I love colours. If the world only had one colour, it would be very dull...I love deep sensual colours and soft pastels. I love to paint and play with colours. Painting is one of the hobbies that I seldom do any more. I've let things I love get lost in the shuffle of work and daily life. But, don't get me wrong. I love my work and the people I meet and the places I go. I love training and staying in shape. I love running hills. I love yoga. I love grappling. I just wish there was more time. Time is the one thing that I find Precious. We have limited time and each day we have less of it. Other things I love... I love my first morning coffee full of cream at Jennifer's Coffee Shop in Studio City! I hardly ever eat breakfast or lunch. I graze during the day. At night, I like to sit and enjoy a great meal with great wine! I plan on studying wines soon. I don't drink beer or hard alcohol. My only other vice is SAKE! Yes, I love sake! What a buzz! SAKE!!! Hot, cold, bring it on!

I love art and museums. I love movies, particularly good foreign films. I love music of all kinds (well I can't really say that I listen to gospel music or heavy metal!!! so I love music of most kinds!) I love adventure, discovering new things and going new places. I love colourful fabrics. I love animals. I love my family and I love my friends (my extended family!)

And I often cry. And I love Christiane Amanpour, CNN's Chief international correspondant. She would be very tough if she got in a fight. I have no doubt! My favourtie Singer/Songwriter is a newcomer, Dean Walker. I did a music video for him with 2 other female wrestlers ballbusting one of our favourite victims to a great rock tune, Cliche! Watch out for him. In fact, if you are interested in hearing his music, contact me and I will forward the info about him, to you. He does a combination of rock and love ballads. I think he has the perfect balance.


My favourite animals...My dogs!! My fish!!! My FROGS!! and I love any babies and I LOVE PIGS!!!! I just love pigs. I go every Sunday morning that I am home to the Farmer's Market to see the little pigs. They make me smile. And I'll finish up with the subject of PIGS! If everyone in the world were like "Babe", the world would be a beautiful place...Think about it. xxx  


Next month

....a story about when I beat up a kid on the block who was picking on my brother...!






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