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165 lbsKristie Etzold Set up a session or get more info

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According to Kristie:

"leg scissors are my fave holds, comp, semi, fantasy, 1 sided dom. trample, ask me and I will be honest about sessions. No one gets hurt and nothing sexual please."

Here is a list of videos which feature Kristie:

V053 Competitive. Kristie vs Celeste

V057 Competitive. Kristie vs Lisa Marie

V062 Semi comp custom pins match. Kristie vs Robin Topless. $33

V066 Kristie vs Ted. Competitive Mixed Match $38

V067 Kristie vs Maggie Jennings Competitive Match $28

V070 Kristie vs Earl. Competitive MixedMatch $33

V082 Silicone Power. Super Heroine video starring Kristie and Hollywood $38

V167 Extreme Rematch. Competitive. Kristie vs Robin. 15 minutes of pins. 15 minutes of submission. 15 minutes of submission with punching allowed. $43

V174 Living Room Brawl Kristie and Lisa vs Robin. Scripted semi comp wrestling. $38

V418 Kristie vs Dia Competitive. Wrestling Festival April 2011. $39.95

V359 Ariel X vs Kristie Competitive. 2010 Wrestling Tournament $24.95

V330B Kristie vs Grace Competitive. 2009 Live Event $25

V204 Kristie and Honey vs Robin Pro Style Match $33

V202 Catfight Crazy. Competitive Catfight. Kristie vs Robin $43

V221 Pro Style Wrestling: Liz vs Kristie $33

V370 Pro Wrestler vs Little Judoka Kristie vs Robin Part 1. $24.95

V374 Pro Wrestler vs Little Judoka Kristie vs Robin Part 2. $24.95

Live Event 2001: Competitive. Kristie vs Jett $25

Live Event 2002: Competitive. Kristie vs Robin $25

Live Event 2004: Competitive. Kristie vs Flame Dragon $25

V139A: Robin and Kristie vs The Escort Part 1 $24.95

V139B: Robin and Kristie vs The Escort Part 2 $24.95

V034 Live Event from 1998. My first live event. Kristie fights Malibu. The entire event is $50.




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