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122 lbsKristie Etzold Set up a session or get more info


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Here is a list of videos which feature Christine:


V053 Competitive. Kristie vs Celeste

V014 Christine's Face Sitting Challenge: Robin vs Christine

V017 Lifting Video #3: Christine, Tina and Chez


V022 Club Challenge Match: Christine vs Jacky


V023 Lifting video #4: Robin, Christine, Jacky and a guy from the street


V045 Busty Danish Delight: Hellene dominates Christine (Lift/Carry)


V246 Competitive Challenge with Chops: Robin vs Christine


V275 Ferocious Felines Fight: Robin vs Christine


V330F Live Event 2009: Jolie vs Christine


V373 Competitive Pins Only: Christine vs Ariel X


V376 Competitive Pins Only: Christine vs Liz Lightspeed


V391 Competitive Wrestling Challenge: Ariel X vs Christine (nude)




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