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Ariel X  


5' 4"118lbs Set up a session or get more info

Ariel X is a well known and sensational addition to LesFemmesFatales roster!!! Not only does she have a body to die for, she is a sexy and well trained fighter that always adds high energy to our matches here!!!


Here is a list of videos which feature Ariel:



V330A: Live Event 2009: Robin vs Ariel


V339A: Ariel X vs Robin Feb 19, 2010 Wrestling Tournament


V339C: Ariel X vs Sybil Feb. 19, 2010 Wrestling Tournament


V341A: Ariel X vs Robin May 2, 2010 Tournament


V341B: Ariel X vs Lia Labowe May 2, 2010 Tournament


V345: Sexy Sex Fight: Ariel X vs Lisa Comshaw


V357: Ariel X vs Ziggy July 24, 2010 Tournament


V359: Ariel X vs Kristie Etzold: July 24, 2010 Maxi Tournament


V373: Ariel X vs Christine Dupree Competitive Pins Only


V377: Ariel X vs Liz Lightspeed Competitive Pins Only


V380: Ariel X vs Robin Competitive Pins Only


V400: Ariel X vs Bettie April 2011 Wrestling Festival


V414: Ariel X vs Raquel April 2011 Wrestling Festival


V422: Competitive Body Boxing: Ariel X vs Robin


V428: Wrestling Festival September 16, 2011 Ariel X vs Veve


V433: Breast Destruction: Rules and Challenge


V436: Breast Destruction 2: Ariel X vs Dia Zerva


V442: Judo Gi Catfight: Robin vs Ariel


V443: Test of Strength/Biceps War: Robin vs Ariel


V444: Judo Gi Challenge: Ariel X vs Cheyenne Jewel


V445: Test of Strength/Biceps War: Ariel X vs Cheyenne Jewel


V450: Queen of The Farm: Ariel vs Francesca Part 1


V451: Queen of The Farm: Ariel vs Francesca Part 2


V467: Competitive Grudge Match II: Ariel & Robin vs Steve


V515: Test of Strength! Sinn Sage vs Ariel X


V559: Sweat, Strength, & Beauty: Ariel X vs Skylar Rene


V603: Wrestling Foreplay! Robin vs Ariel X


V621: Ballet Beatdown! Ariel X Dominates FightBabe Robin


V681: Competitive Pins in Judo Gis! Ariel X vs Kristiana








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