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A Real Fight Babe



Robin's flying high these days with her martial arts training and her newly launched company, FIGHT BABE PRODUCTIONS, which is dedicated to competitive female vs. female wrestling and martial arts story line videos. Robin is very excited about this new venture and hopes all her fans are too.



Robin started her first company, LES FEMMES FATALES PRODUCTIONS in 1994 and it has grown steadily since it's inception. Les Femmes has done it all, everything from competitive female vs. female videos to mixed fetish style videos but in the last couple of years, less attention has been paid to the actual competitive videos.

"My audience was really interested in the fetish end of the business, like face sitting and foot worship and I always aim to please my fans," Robin explained. "Still, I do think that there is a market for real, competitive fights. I will put 110% of my effort into making this new company work. I want the world to see strong women who have the ability to fight hard. My roots in the business are here and I have to be honest and say this is where my heart is as well."


The martial arts story line material will be fun loving but you can bet that the action will be real. "A lot of butt will be kicked!" Robin exclaims. The company will also feature real competitive videos between women and men.....nothing fixed or fake. There will also be female vs. female matches as well. Some of the girls will fight in bikinis or athletic wear, some will be topless and some will be strip matches but all the action will be genuine. No fake fights here.

Robin keeps herself in top shape and trains for her martial arts matches in her dojo near her home. She is partial to Jujitsu but has just started studying karate and hopes to incorporate the martial arts form in her videos as well. She loves to practice in the garden of her Hollywood Hills home with both female and male sparring partners. She is excited to show off her newly acquired skills and promises something for everyone in her new videos. 

Robin hopes that all readers who enjoy competitive action will check out the new website, www.fightbabe.com, and give her new company, FIGHT BABE PRODUCTIONS some real support.
Reprinted courtesy of Fighting Females Magazine (Tribeca Publishing)