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For Mixed Wrestling USA


#1. How did you get started into wrestling?

I had just moved to New York from London and was working in a gym on Broadway between Bleeker and Houston as a trainer. A guy came up to me and asked me if I'd like to do a wrestling video...I liked the idea, as I had really been wrestling my entire life...starting at a very young age with my brothers. I used to wrestle with them on the living room floor on Saturday mornings, while we were watching cartoons. Saturdays were the days that my parents would sleep in a little. We had a blast. I would catch one between my legs and pin the other with my arms....they would try to escape and I loved watching them wriggle and squirm. I was, unbeknownst to me, preparing for my future career as the Squirminator, back then!

#2. Do you remember your first Mixed Wrestling session and how it went?

My first mixed wrestling match for a video was for Eric Stanton. It was a blast. I worked with "Rick", the guy who had discovered me in a gym. He later introduced me to Joan Wise and that group. I wrestled him again for them.

I did my first private mixed matches for Deena Zarra. She was a lot of fun! I have great memories from that time. I still wrestle some of the same guys now!!!! They are like old friends.

#3. What are most effective hold(s) that make your opponent say, "I give"?

Well, I have a variety of extremely effective holds. I love to use my entire body to subdue my opponents. My legs are lethal, as anyone who has ever been there can tell you. I can squeeze a long time and even when someone thinks I've reached my limit, I switch to a different gear. I have 4 gears for scissor holds!!! I like to be creative and invent holds. I like any moves that gets me a submission, but I love holds where I can control my opponent and they can't escape....I like to play with them until they submit.

#4. What are you do's and don't of wrestling?
I.E. let us know the types of wrestling you will and won't do (I.E. competitive, semi-comp, fantasy, etc.), as well as anything you will (I.E. Lift&carry, Arm wrestling, Boxing, S&M) and won't do (Same as the other examples, plus topless, etc.).

I am pretty flexible. I do competitive, semi-competitive, fantasy, light domination (stomach punches, facesitting, ball kicking, foot fetish, spanking...as long as the person I am working with enjoys this.) I also do light boxing, kicking, etc. I enjoy matches most when the other person is enjoying it. I don't do topless, but I don't mind dressing sexy.

#5. I'm sure many people wonder how a woman of your size is able to defeat
much larger men. So, how do you do it?

I am very strong for my size...5'6", 118 - 120 lbs. I love wrestling and winning...and learning new holds. I think I'm good because I enjoy it. I also know what works for me and what doesn't. I have great stamina and speed and flexibility. I don't try to out muscle my opponents. I know when to let go of a hold and move onto something else. I wrestle like it's a game of chess. I use my mind.

#6. Many people know you from the many Mixed Wrestling Videos you've done.
How did you get started in doing Videos?

I started videos 13 years ago. (Yes, I was very young!!!) I worked for just about every name company...Eric Stanton was the first. Then Joan Wise. I worked for Special Interest and Creative Films, which was great because Dave, the owner was wonderful. He actually took the time to train the girls and we were paid for the training. It was also a lot of fun. I always looked forward to the training. After that, I worked for Deena Zarra, Premiere Productions, California Supreme, Women Warriors, Festelle, Beatrice Goffin, APL Portugal, Alphae Productions, Belgium Women's Fighting Club, Ken Starr, and the list goes on and on and on....I started my own video company, "Les Femmes Fatales Productions" 7 years ago. I finally think I know what I'm doing. I am starting a new video company..."Fight Babe Productions" soon. The website should be launched in a couple of weeks. I am very excited about this one. It is going to have a more personalized approach...I want some Super Heroine themes, Spy/Thriller themes and great action.

#7. Are most of the Videos you've done "real" in that you and your male
opponent are each trying to win? Or are some of them scripted or the guy is
told to hold back?

Many of the videos I do are scripted. But there is a lot of real action in them. I like a good fun story line, but realistic action to go with it.

#8. What's the favorite Mixed Video you've done and why?

My two favourite mixed videos that I've done, I shot in the past week for my new company. The first is "School Girl Scandal", the second is "A Haunting Experience"...they will be on my new website. I like them because the action is very rough and hard. I worked with a guy from my dojo who is very strong. The story lines were a lot of fun. I wrote both of them.

I also liked Gert's Challenge #26, MY New Neighbour, Pany Nose, #16, Futjitsu #80, Sibling Rivalry #52, Ball Busting Babe #36, Handyman Holler #85, Jean Therapy #81...well, I like them all!

#9. Tell us about your wrestling referral agency and website, both of which
are excellent.

Thankyou! I really enjoy working with the website and I have some great ideas for the near future. As soon as my new website it ready, I will give you the URL address. I'm going to do some pretty creative and fun things with it...Of course, Les Femmes Fatales will be undergoing some creative change, too! I listen to what my members want. I want to do my best to please everyone.

#10.What are your future plans?

Well, I will be shooting videos for my company in July in Paris. And I am in the process of planning my Live Event, in Los Angeles which will be held on Sunday, August 19, in the afternoon. There will be a BBQ that evening where fans can relax and enjoy some good food and fun with the girls who participated in the event that day.

Finally, any last words you'd like to say to your fans?

Yes. I LOVE YOU!!!! Thankyou for being my fans!!! Big Squeezes to you all!"