Les Femmes Fatales Productions -- featuring ROBIN -- catfighting, ballbusting, facesitting and MORE




Wanna Wrestle?
Shawna Kenney tangles with Robin, the ultimate fighting chick, who gives pussy whipped a new meaning.


"Robin" is a curvy, petite blonde with killer legs. Seriously, she could really hurt someone with those things. In fact, she gets paid to do just that. Though she has used her potentially lethal limbs to choke many men to the point of unconsciousness, this real-life 'gorgeous lady of wrestling' has had no fatalities so far.

Some girls dream of being dancers when they grow up, some want to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, singers, scientisits, Olympic athletes, whatever. Little Robin always liked wrestling with her brothers, and sometimes wrangled with her girl friends in college when she had a "little too much to drink", she says. Later, while working as a personal trainer in New York, a guy at the gym approached her about making a wrestling video, and before she could say "Bam Bam Bigelow" a career was born.

That first video was for Eric Stanton, the legendary erotic artist known for his illustrations of domineering women. Robin continued making videos for his company and others, while her natural prowess garnered her quite a following.



The "freestyle submission grappler" (as her website now titles her) now produces her own line of videos, including everything from female vs. female "catfights" to brutal boxing matches. "Girl- beats- up- boy videos are my favorite, though," she says. "Not too intense and not too sex-driven. I have a lot of fun with them." Face sitting, bikini brawling, and topless matches are also popular with the guys, as are "requests to be knocked unconscious" with leg scissorholds. And if her extensive video line doesn't include your particular fantasy, potential clients can email scripts for custom make flicks, too.

If mere images aren't enough, then real, live, sweaty, one-on-one groping can be arranged for those deemed worthy. (After careful screening, Robin accepts about a third of the men who contact her for paid private sessions).

"One regular flies me to Paris....rents me an apartment about three times a year," she says. Most of the clients have what's known as a wrestling fetish, and enjoy these sessions as a form of domination. She classifies them either as "really competitive," "role-players," (guys who don't want to fight back) or "semi-competitive" (which she likes for the "great workout.")


Reverse head scissors is her favorite move because it's "99% effective" and as a rule, most men's weakest spots are their "necks and nuts." So far, Robin has not been seriously hurt on the job, but did endure a knee injury once while doing a "lift and carry" private session. She says her ample breasts never cause interference, in fact, she actually uses them as weapons. "I might slap them in a man's face while yelling, 'here comes the peach press!' or something like that."

"I try to have a sense of humor while working." But she's serious about playing hard. She wins most of her matches but admits she's been pinned a few times. "I hate it. I like the control part of pinning somebody [else]," she says.

In between sessions, she studies Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Judo at a dojo near her home in Los Angeles just to stay at the top of her game, while also practicing Hatha yoga for flexibility, "to keep from getting hurt."

As for future matches and fantasy opponents? "Girard Dipardeau, because I just had a dream about fighting him, so now I really want to," she says. But, inquiring minds want to know, could she kick Madonna's ass? "I'd like to wrestle her. She's sexy, so it'd be fun."

Shawna Kenney is a freelance writer, author of the award-winning memoir, I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, and world champion thumb-wrestler.

  Reprinted courtesy of "While You Were Sleeping" (R.Rock Enterprises)